Time For New Leadership in Taunton

“Now is the time to bring new leadership to the city with a vision of revitalizing our community, keeping our neighborhoods safe, and holding the line on taxes and fees. Most importantly, I will work to be a responsive Mayor for Taunton who puts people first.” Shaunna O’Connell

Shaunna will:

  • Have an open door policy

  • Make City Hall Accountable to you

  • Hold the line on tax and fee increases

  • Improve our neighborhoods

  • Strengthen public safety to keep our neighborhoods safe

  • Move Taunton forward

  • Fight Opioid Addiction

  • Full Time Mayor--No Divided Priorities

  • Roadway Improvements


“I will to strive to make our city not a gateway city, but rather, a leading city for the Commonwealth where people have greater economic opportunities. I want our children to be able to live in the community where they grew up and find good paying jobs. We must have a positive vision and roadmap for the future of Taunton.”

Shaunna O'Connell 56 Worcester St, Taunton, MA 02780



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