Illegal immigration is a costly problem for Massachusetts.  It is estimated that over $1.8 billion is spent on services for those who are not legal residents.  Shaunna has supported stringent reforms to deal with the issue of illegal immigration. She sees the issue as one that threatens the state's economy by overburdening the state's social service budget, and one of homeland security.


Reforms that O’Connell supports: 


  Require businesses that do work for the state to verify a worker's immigration status

  Create stronger penalties for those caught making fake IDs

  Require proof of citizenship in order to receive state and local services

  Increasing punitive penalties for knowingly hiring illegal workers

  Withholding funding to municipalities that participate in the sanctuary policy for illegal immigrants

  Require the courts to verify the citizenship of any individual appearing in a state court

  Prohibit legal state residents from being bumped off public housing lists by unlawful residents


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