We must restore public confidence in government and stop the waste, fraud, inefficiency and corruption plaguing Beacon Hill. As a mother, Shaunna O'Connell wants to restore integrity to the State House so that the next generation will grow up respecting their elected officials.


As your State Representative, Shaunna has kept her promise to opt out of the state pension system and to refuse per diems.  Moreover, she has supported reforms to create more transparency at the State House.


O’Connell supports:


  •  Ending the bundling of amendments 

  •  Standing with any member who wants a Roll Call vote

  •  Requiring committee votes be published online

  •  Allowing any member access to the “can” so they can review all of the latest changes in legislation

  •  Prohibiting the passage of spending bills in informal session

  •  Require conference committee meetings be open to the press and public

  •  Requiring the Ethics Committee to be bi-partisan 

  •  Ending the legislative exemption from the public records law (Constituent work would be exempt for privacy reasons.)


"I believe that holding elected office should not be a career, but rather it should be a point in a person's life that, together with their work in the private sector and the community, they enter public service for the greater good. I am not seeking this office so that I can build a resume. I have one. I am not seeking this office so I can find a job. I have one. This is about putting people ahead of politics and fighting for what's right rather personal gain. You can count on me to fight full time against the corruption on Beacon Hill."  Shaunna O'Connell 


Shaunna O'Connell 56 Worcester St, Taunton, MA 02780



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