Letter to the Editor: O’Connell will go the extra mile for Taunton

Who can best lead Taunton? I strongly believe it is Shaunna O’Connell.

She has worked hard to make a positive difference. Despite the lack of fair coverage in this paper, we all know who has worked for Taunton. She is always at the events around the city. Unlike other representatives, she holds regular office hours.

You call her at the State House, O’Connell calls you back.

When O’Connell is not resolving a constituent problem, she is a fighter for change at the State House.

While other Taunton leaders want to tax us out of our homes, O’Connell has fought to cut taxes. She even personally worked to collect signatures to stop automatic gas tax hikes. No other Taunton elected official did that.

Shaunna O’Connell will go the extra mile for us as the next mayor.

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