Shaunna has appeared on many local and national broadcasts to discuss the issues facing her constituents, the taxpayers of Massachusetts and the United States.  Some of the shows and stations where she is a regular guest include WFXT-Fox 25, NECN's "Beacon Hill Report" and "Broadside," WGBH's "Greater Boston," FOX News, "Fox & Friends," and "On The Record" with Greta Van Susteran.


Watch several of her appearances below:

Shaunna Proposes Bill for Death Penalty for Cop Killers

Shaunna on Fox & Friends, talking about her bill to impose the death penalty for cop killers in Massachusetts

"We need to send the clear message that we're going to protect our law enforcement officers.".

Judge’s Job In Jeopardy After Controversial Rulings

Shaunna discusses why this judge should be removed from office

Salem Superior Court Judge Timothy Feeley has been taking a lot of heat for a recent decision to go easy on an admitted heroin dealer to save him from deportation. Now, some now calling for him to be removed from the bench. Should he be? Jim Braude was joined by state Representative Shaunna O’Connell (R-Taunton), who co-sponsored a resolution to remove the judge, and retired Supreme Judicial Court Justice Bob Cordy, to debate.

Shaunna on WCVB-TV

RMV needs to be more vigillant.

WCVB discovers convicted drug dealers who are in this country illegally, collecting taxpayer benefits.

Shaunna on Fox & Friends

Welfare Fraud in Massachusetts

Multiple lottery winners in Massachusetts were still collecting taxpayer benefits after cashing in their big prizes.

Shaunna on Fox & Friends

Bombing Suspects on Welfare

Following the Boston Marathon Bombings, Shaunna fought to reveal that the suspects were collecting welfare.

Shaunna goes "On The Record" with Greta Van Susteran

Missing Welfare Recipients

Millions of dollars in welfare going to recipients who the Massachusetts government can't find.  Where's the money going?

Shaunna on Fox 25

EBT Fraud in Massachusetts

EBT cards being used for tatoos, strip clubs and bail money?  Shaunna has led the way for EBT reform.

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